Curry Garlic Spice Rub

This spice rub is very yummy and extremely versatile.

  • 4 parts curry powder
  • 3 parts garlic powder
  • 2 parts sugar
  • ½ part smoked paprika

Directions: Mix it all up.  Put it on your food.

Curry Garlic Spice Rub

This rub was originally formulated for grilled corn on the cob. To make that remove the husks from the corn. Brush them liberally with olive oil and sprinkle them with the spice rub. Place the corn over a hot grill and turn frequently until the kernels turn a dark yellow with just a bit of singeing.

We have since learned that it also make a great seasoning for roast meats (especially lamb), macaroni and cheese, turkey burgers, stir fries, sauces and popcorn.

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